Furnace Filters

Furnace Filters Burlingame, CA

You will enjoy a comfortable indoors if your heating equipment is running in tiptop condition. If you have a furnace, you should adopt a sound maintenance plan to prevent unnecessary breakdowns and costly repairs. Vital furnace components, such as the air filter, fan, pilot light, and heat exchanger, must be checked by a qualified technician to ensure that they are working properly. Potential problems are also identified before they become worst. Annual maintenance may not be sufficient if your furnace is used frequently. Performing regular filter cleaning is highly recommended to ensure the optimum performance of your furnace system. And don't look far if you need professionals to do the maintenance job. Burlingame Heating & Ventilation, Inc. is a one-stop-shop for all your HVAC needs. We install and maintain all kinds of furnaces in residential and commercial properties. Our maintenance crews will perform a thorough inspection of your furnace filters and recommend specific solutions that will enhance the efficiency of your heating equipment.

We've been in the HVAC industry for over forty years now so we are the right company to hire for this kind of job. You may also check our credentials and portfolio to learn more about our company. We maintain all kinds of furnaces, whether installed in homes or commercial properties. Aside from cleaning and replacing worn-out furnace filters, we also perform other vital maintenance tasks. Our primary service areas include Burlingame, Hillsborough, San Mateo, Millbrae, Belmont, San Carlos, Redwood City, Atherton, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, and other locations in the Peninsula area. If you are residing in any of the areas mentioned, please call us at (650) 697-9142. Our friendly staff will assist you in all your HVAC concerns and recommend the right maintenance plan for your heating equipment.

Furnace Filter Cleaning and Replacement

Adopting a yearly furnace maintenance plan is a common practice of most property owners. But here at Burlingame Heating & Ventilation, Inc., we highly recommend a customized maintenance plan that will cater to the specific needs of your heating equipment. For example, a lot of furnace filters require regular cleaning because of accumulated dirt, dust and debris. These materials will reduce the efficiency of your furnace, which results in higher energy and maintenance costs. A dirty filter will become a health risk since it may not effectively filter allergens that cause respiratory problems. Aside from filter cleaning, we may also recommend replacing your furnace's worn-out filter.

Typically, a furnace filter should be replaced every 6-12 months for vacation home and single occupant dwelling. A suburban home will require filter replacement every 3 months. For homes with pets, monthly filter cleaning or replacement is necessary.

Premium Quality Furnace Filters

Burlingame Heating & Ventilation, Inc. will use only premium quality furnace filters on your heating equipment. This means that you are not only getting efficient filters but also durable ones. Our filters come from trusted brands and installed by our certified technicians. If your furnace is not performing at its optimum level, replacing the old filter will solve the problem. Don’t hesitate to call us since we only charge minimal fees for filter cleaning and replacement. You can save more by availing our comprehensive HVAC maintenance package.

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